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Why use a strong password?

Using the same password over and over again across multiple sites might be convenient but it also introduces a huge security risk. Your email account, Facebook, Twitter, bank account, even your local grocery store, could be compromised if someone discovered your password. Choosing a unique and complex password for every online account helps ensure that your private information stays safe and secure.

What is a password strength tester and why should I use one?

A password strength tester gauges how long it might hypothetically take to crack your password by testing the password against a set of known criteria–such as length, randomness, and complexity.

Specifically, a strength tester measures how long it would take for someone else (or more commonly an automated computer program) to brute force an attack using every possible letter, number, and special character combination until they crack it. Having this information before you generate login credentials empowers you to choose the strongest possible password to keep your account information safe.

The key takeaway is password strength testers help you determine whether or not your passwords are strong enough to protect your online subscriptions, such as your bank account.

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